The world and its problems seem really big sometimes. The threat of war. The pandemic. Economic highs and lows. Polarized politics. The first century had all these challenges and more to the point people felt like they were living in a spiritual wasteland. We feel that too and want change. So did people in the book of Mark. And then the greatest arrival in history happened in Jesus. Everything changed. Join us online or in person this week at South CLT Pres where we dive into a series on the gospel of Mark - Jesus in Depth - and where we will hear about the powerful and personal Christ we don't always see.





Big Questions

This 5-part sermon series covers significant topics that all of us face. Explore haunting questions like: Who can I believe with so many voices? How can God allow such suffering? How do we get out of this mess?


 We've been through a lot as a nation and as a people. We find that we are restarting, reconnecting, relearning - in fact rebuilding our lives. We look at Nehemiah and how God's people experienced a summer of rebuilding after a long hard winter of struggle. 

Rejoice in Hope

We will walk through the epistle to the Philippians, written by a man imprisoned with the threat of death and written by a man who calls us to rejoice because our resurrecting God redeems hardship of every kind. Click below to watch worship from this series!


After a year apart from one another, it’s time for ReEntry with ReEngaging and ReBooting relationships within our church body and our community. Come ReConnect by joining in on our mini sermon series with us!

Freed to Follow Sermon Series in Exodus

Freed to Follow

Follow us through the book of Exodus and how we are freed to follow God. Click below to watch past installments of this series! 


If you are searching for a good church, we are the place for you. Check out the "New Here" page linked below where you can find the answers to all your questions. If you have never been to our church before, come by this Sunday! We value community and new friends; whether you are looking to get connected or you simply have questions about life and the gospel, we would love to talk with you! We look forward to meeting you!