Open Hands Worship


We are loved by God the Father who has shown us His love by sending His Son Jesus Christ who offered up His life so we would have everlasting life through faith in Him. Jesus Christ is our help and hope. We desire to be a people that are both, confident of the Lord's call to worship together and loving toward each other as well as our broader community. In gathering for worship we recognize that everyone has a varying sense of caution and therefore everyone should feel free to attend worship as they are comfortable with the health climate and protocols in place. We desire to have guidelines and procedures that both, encourage us to be together and do not unnecessarily discourage the body of Christ from coming together in worship. 

Greeters Greeting Teens


Worship is available in-person and online via livestream at 10 am. If attending in person, we respectfully ask that you wear a mask over your nose and mouth, keep a distance of six or more feet between family units, and wash your hands regularly.


Digital worship guides are available each week by texting GUIDE to 704.850.6655.


The Lord's Supper is distributed through individually packaged elements laid on the table. Family units come forward to take their elements back to their seats. 

Volunteer Teaching Kid


Have kids? No worries, we've got you covered. We provide childcare from newborn to four years old during our service, using security tags for each child's registration. Every volunteer is masked. Temperatures of children and volunteers are taken prior to entering the space. Following every service, all objects and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. Your child's safety is of utmost importance to us! To register your kids for Sunday's service, click below!

Fellowship after Church


Prior to and following each service, we encourage you to fellowship with others in a socially distsanced manner. Individually packaged snacks are available at our welcome table outside our front entrance. Connecting with people before and after the service is a small way we can foster relationships and continue to grow together.

Receiving Benediction


Here at South CLT Pres, we seek to be a church that gathers resources for Christ’s kingdom in a generous, fiscally, and Biblically responsible way. Because Jesus gave up His wealth that we might share in His riches, we are able to joyfully give, trusting that He is our provider. 


You can give by putting your offering in the giving box by the door or you can give online below.


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